Since 2010, the Keller School of Real Estate has been guiding prospective students into the exciting and rewarding field of realty.


about the school

Understanding the market is the key to a successful career in real estate. Obtaining a good education is the best way to ensure that you understand the real estate industry.

The Keller School of Real Estate is here to make sure that you are fully prepared for the New Jersey state exam. However, our commitment to your career doesn't stop there. Once you pass the exam, if you have any questions, our instructors are always available; they will provide guidance to make sure that you reach your maximum potential in the industry.

Our small class sizes and instructor experience are only a few criteria that make us one of the best choices to start your real estate career!

You must learn that selling is not selling; it is providing, and the key to providing is knowing in advance what to provide.
— Todd Duncan, The Duncan Group